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Effect of COVID-19 on the Marginalised Sectors

WHO declared COVID-19 as a global pandemic on March 11. While we were all preserved and protected, there were these already disadvantaged groups of people who were skating on thin ice during these trying times; the marginalised sector.

Marginalism, just like our confidant COVID, is not a national but a worldwide phenomenon! And many marginalised groups have been neglected during the lockdown in India. Loss of jobs, lack of food, housing, health and other necessities is just the skim of the struggle they face every single day. The domino effect of high unemployment could be fatal as it alters their financial and social status. The cultural brand of these marginalised individuals being potential virus carriers has stripped them off their housing and jobs.

Coronavirus spread and this lockdown posed serious challenges for governments and organizations around the world.

Marginalized people become more vulnerable in emergencies.

Marginalized people become more vulnerable in emergencies. This is due to their lack of access to effective surveillance, warning and health services. They are often excluded from decision-making spaces and have unequal access to information on outbreaks and availability of services. In addition to the multiple vulnerabilities that already existed in the sector, the nationwide lockdown has inflated the plight of the minioritised society. The pandemic should serve as a reminder to consider the matter with the utmost urgency, no matter the time lost.

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